General Information


The reception is open from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Prospective students can apply to Infinity by presenting themselves at the college or by contacting the head office by getting in touch by email or phone. Students can be counselled on their appropriate academic route by a member of our academic staff.


Student Health Insurance

Student health insurance is available for purchase through the College. The details of the policy are available by emailing

The fee for health insurance is €125. There is an administration fee of €65. Each student is provided with information on induction as to the details of your health insurance cover. The contract is between the student and the health insurance provider directly.


Entry Criteria

Students have the option of completing the online Infinity English College placement test on the home page on enrolment. However all students must sit a placement test on arrival with our Director of Studies to properly determine their appropriate level of English. This is a comprehensive test to determine the correct English language level and each student is placed according to the level achieved. Infinity English College provides the opportunity to study English at six levels from Beginners to Advanced.



Students must sit external exams and attain a minimum of a pass grade in order to progress to the next year of an English language programme. In the case where a student fails an exam an opportunity will be provided to re-sit the exam in question. The awarding body will charge a fee for the examination. It is a legislative requirement that students studying English in Ireland sit an external English exam if they are on a student visa.


Withdrawing from the College

Students must notify the College in writing if withdrawing from the College by emailing If the withdrawal is due to medical reasons a certificate must be supplied. If a student wishes to withdraw from a course prior to commencement they must do so at least two weeks prior to the commencement of the course. Course refunds will not be considered once the course has commenced. 50% of the course fee will be refunded less administration charges if a student withdraws in the two week period prior to the commencement date.

Terms & Conditions of Admission

Students, who have been accepted by Infinity English College, are bound by the terms and conditions of the college listed below:

  • If a student is required by the Department of Justice to leave Ireland because of non-or poor attendance, or because of any breach of law, tuition fees paid will not be refundable. Attendance will be monitored while studying with IEC and an attendance rate of over 85% is expected at all times. Attendance procedures are followed where attendance does not meet this level. (Relevant to Non-Eu Students).
  • Students are expected to be present in the appropriate class 5 minutes before the class commences. Teachers reserve the right to refuse admission to students who arrive more than 10 minutes late and will not award attendance for that class should you depart more than 10 minutes prior to class completion.
  • Unless otherwise stated, fees for courses quoted are for tuition only. Registration fees with examining boards, examinations fees, books, manuals, writing materials, etc. are not included.
  • It is the responsibility of Infinity English College to register you with an external awarding body to undertake formal exams and you undertake as a condition of enrolment to sit and complete an exam on course completion.
  • If the application form is signed on behalf of the student by his/her sponsor/ guardian/ representative, the above conditions still apply.
  • Enrolling for a course at the College constitutes a binding agreement on the student to attend the course and pay the full tuition fees.
  • All declarations made in applications for admission are accepted in good faith. Any false declarations about qualifications or age, or failure to produce documentary evidence of entry qualifications may render a student liable to expulsion from the course to which he/she has been admitted. In such cases a student will not be entitled to any refund.
  • The College reserves the right to amalgamate classes, change class times or schedules, or change the number of lectures in a week. At all times legislative requirements for Non-EEA students will be adhered to.
  • Students who change address or any other contact details must notify the college by emailing
  • Important notices for students are displayed on the college’s main Notice Board and it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that such notices are read.
  • A place will not be guaranteed for students who have not paid the appropriate fees by the due date.
  • Tuition fees are payable in full before a student commences studies.
  • The registration fee is non-refundable, except when an application for admission has not been accepted or if the course for which a student has enrolled will not run.
  • Tuition fees or deposits paid are not refundable on course commencement. For a non-visa requiring student students that withdraw from a programme up to two weeks prior to course commencement will be entitled to a refund of 100% of course fees. A student that withdraws from two weeks prior to course commencement to the date of course commencement will be entitled to a 50% refund in tuition fees.
  • For a visa required student that has been refused a visa or entry to Ireland, the total fees paid will be refunded, no later than three months, apart from the sum of €200 (This is a registration fee which is used for administrative costs) provided all of the following conditions are met:
    • The student has not entered Ireland.
    • The student has informed the College in writing about his/her inability to start the course prior to the course commencement date.
    • The college is given a copy of the original letter issued by the Irish Embassy, confirming the refusal of a visa.
    • The student has appealed against the refusal of a visa. If an appeal has been lodged, the fees will be refunded less the registration fee only upon receiving documentary evidence that the appeal has been refused.
    • All refund applications should be directed to Management at
  • Letters for extensions of visas will be issued only to students who have maintained a minimum attendance of 85% , from Monday to Friday, in accordance with Irish regulations.
  • Students are required to attend classes regularly and punctually. The College reserves the right to report to sponsors and/or other interested parties or authorities students who do not observe this rule. Where a student has been absent for reasons of health, a doctor’s certificate must be provided, to cover the period of absence.
  • Students unable to attend their course by the scheduled start date must inform the College in writing at least two weeks prior to the commencement of their course. A student may apply in this case for a deferment of their start date as long as they have not yet entered the country.
  • Student’s progress is recorded and analysed on a monthly basis (monthly reports are filled by lecturers and teachers, verified by the Director of Studies)
  • Applications for deferment of the starting date, which are not received within the specified time, will only be accepted at the discretion of the college and will be subject to transfer fees. The transfer fee in such cases will be €200.
  • Students who are late in starting their course will not be entitled to any refund of, or reduction in, tuition fees. This also applies where students have been absent from classes for a period of time, or where they may not have been attending all the subjects for which they have enrolled.
  • The course fee does not include the cost of textbooks, notes, or past examination papers. These resources can be bought at an affordable price from the examination authorities or educational bookshops.
  • The College will not be held liable for any property or money lost on the College premises. Students using the College’s address to receive mail do so at their own risk. The College accepts no responsibility for any loss of mail belonging to students.
  • Students may only take holidays (a) when it is a stated exception as part of the course outline received on course commencement or (b) as per the college holiday calendar
  • The student agrees to comply with rules as set out in the student handbook.
  • All complaints will be dealt with on an informal basis in the first instance and efforts will be made to address any issue raised. In the event that a student wishes to submit a complaint in writing they undertake to do so in the first instance by following the IEC complaints procedure and emailing with the nature of the complaint.
  • All visa requiring students who arrive on courses on the ILEP must obey the rules set out in the Infinity English College “Attendance and holiday policies for International students from visa requiring countries” document in DCF, which is provided to every student upon their enrolment in the College.
  • If you fail to agree to any of IEC’s Terms and Conditions and this results in your initial application being refused you can appeal this decision by submitting an email to outlining the relevant area(s) in question. Upon receipt of information, your appeal will be reviewed within 10 days, and you will be notified in writing of the final decision.


Admissions and General Information

Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking

Illegal Use of Drugs

Infinity English College operates a strict policy regarding the sale, use and possession of illegal drugs. Any student found to be under the influence, involved in the sale of, or in possession of illegal drugs on the premises or in the immediate vicinity of the College will be subject to immediate expulsion.

Alcohol Policy

The consumption of alcohol is prohibited on the premises except in circumstances sanctioned by the management such as official Infinity English College social events. Alcohol cannot be sold on the premises. Any person under the influence of alcohol during class time is subject to immediate suspension and possible expulsion.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited in classrooms and all other areas except outside the building and only then in designated areas. The designated areas are located at the front of the building.

Sexual Harassment

Infinity is committed to maintaining a positive learning, working and living environment. The College does not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, race, family status and marital status, physical limitation, or membership of the Traveller community in admission and access to, and treatment and employment in, its educational programmes and activities.

Infinity will not tolerate acts of sexual harassment or related retaliation against or by any employee or student. Harassment is any act or conduct, including spoken words, gestures or the production, display or circulation of written words, pictures or other material if that action or conduct is unwelcome and could be reasonably regarded as offensive, humiliating or intimidating by the person at whom it is aimed.


Bicycles can be chained at the top of Grafton Street or at Trinity College in designated bicycle parking slots. Infinity accepts no liability in the event of damage or theft of bicycles.

Front of College Building

Dawson Street is both a busy and narrow street for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Students are encouraged not to congregate at the front of the building in groups as passing traffic is a hazard to both students that step off the footpath and members of the passing public.


Emergency Procedures

Infinity English College has emergency procedures in place  and contact details of emergency services posted throughout the school. Emergency services can be contacted on 999.  Alternatively contact Reception at 01 6975661 between the hours of 9am to 5.30pm. In the case of extreme emergency contact Director Michelle on 0866022987.